Ultraload Review – How It Works, Ingredients, Pros and Cons


In this Ultraload review, we will reveal the outcome of our research into this supplement.

If there is one thing that most of us can agree on about sex, it’s that it is meant to be fun.

There are few things more fun than meeting someone with whom you have natural chemistry and going home with them to spend an evening together exploring each other’s bodies.

Sex should be fun, but sadly there are quite a few things that can get in the way of it being so. 

There are a variety of conditions that can make sex a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

We’ve all heard about conditions such as erectile dysfunction in men, but there are other factors that can negatively affect male sexual health. 

One such factor is the amount of semen produced, which for many men, can decline as they get older and start to lose their natural virility. 

Whether to conceive a child or have more fun during sex, many men will take supplements to improve the quality of their orgasms and the size of their load.

Ultraload is one such supplement; as the name implies, it aims to make your loads bigger and orgasms more enjoyable.

If you are curious about trying Ultraload but want to know if it is the best choice for you, this article is here to help.

We will cover everything about this supplement, including who makes it, what it claims to do, and whether it works as advertised.

Who Makes Ultraload? 

Ultraload was created by a company called Performance Naturals Ltd.

They are based in the United Kingdom and specialize in producing sexual health products, including supplements for improving orgasm intensity.

The company has been around since 2020, and its website states that they are committed to providing high-quality and independently tested products at a very affordable price. 

How Does Ultraload Work To Increase Semen Volume and Orgasm Intensity? 

Ultraload Ingredients Label

The main purpose of Ultraload is to increase semen volume and enhance sexual performance.  

Ultraload also helps to increase blood flow to help you maintain an erection for longer, which will aid your performance in the bedroom.

When you do orgasm, this supplement promises to make it much more intense and return you to the virile glory days of your youth. 

This is achieved by a combination of ingredients that work together to increase semen production and stimulate a longer-lasting erection.

These ingredients help to give you more energy, so you and your partner can have a lot more fun in bed. 

Ultraload Ingredients: What Does Ultraload Contain? 

Ultraload contains eight ingredients, all of which serve a different purpose in making your loads bigger and more pleasurable.

In this section, we will cover all of these ingredients to see what each one does, and how it works. 

Vitamin B6 

The first item on the ingredients list for this supplement is vitamin B6.

Ultraload contains a different version of B6 from the kind you would find in regular vitamin supplements.

The P-5-P version of this vitamin is meant to be even more effective, boost your testosterone levels, and increase your energy. 

Higher testosterone will naturally lead to more semen production and boosted libido, helping you get in the mood for an evening of fun between the sheets.

This supplement contains 20 mg of Vitamin B6, which is a little more than the recommended daily dose but well below the level where it would start to become dangerous. 

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Next is vitamin B12, another water-soluble vitamin that helps boost your energy levels.

It is known to be essential for healthy red blood cells and nerve function, which means that it will keep you feeling alert and focused throughout the day. 

Naturally, you can also channel the energy you get from this vitamin to improve your stamina during sex, so you can keep going for longer. 

Ultraload contains 240 mcg of vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin.

While this is well above the recommended dosage, there are no known side effects from consuming excessive B12. 

Zinc Citrate

Another important component of Ultraload is zinc citrate. Zinc is an essential mineral to increase sperm volume. 

A lack of zinc can cause low sperm count, poor erections, and other problems with fertility. 

Luckily, Ultraload contains a form of zinc easily absorbed into the body.

With 30mg of this ingredient, it can increase your libido and help you shoot bigger loads.  

One study even found that a supplement containing zinc, folic acid, and herb golden root helped males who suffered from premature ejaculation to hold onto their loads for longer. 

Black Maca

Maca is a plant native to South America that has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac.

It is said to improve sexual desire and endurance, and it is thought to contain several compounds that may help to enhance male potency.

In addition to being a powerful aphrodisiac, Maca is also believed to be able to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass.

Ultraload contains 600 mg of black maca in a 4:1 extract. 


Ultraload also contains 500 mg of L-citrulline, an amino acid often found in watermelons.

This substance is a precursor to nitric oxide, responsible for relaxing blood vessels and muscles, allowing them to expand and contract without causing pain or discomfort. 

As such, L-citrulline can enhance and maintain erections for longer periods.

This not only means you will have a better time in bed, but it means your partner likely will too. 

Purified Shilajit

Shilajit is a resin found in the cracks between rocks in some mountain ranges, including the Himalayas.

It is considered by some to be one of the most potent herbs available today.

It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to be effective at boosting testosterone levels.

However, shilajit is also extremely expensive, making it difficult for many men to afford it.

Ultraload contains 200 mg of purified shilajit for enhancing your libido. 

Maritime Pine Bark

Maritime pine bark is another popular herbal remedy in some cultures to improve erections. .

In Ultraload, this pine bark extract helps to enhance your erections by working together with L-citrulline. 

Together, these two substances greatly boost your erection and stamina, so you can keep going much longer in bed.

This supplement contains 100 mg of pine bark extract. 


Bioperine is a compound derived from black pepper. It is said to boost the absorption of nutrients and supplements, helping them to work more effectively. 

Ultraload contains 10 mg of Bioperine, which doesn’t sound like a lot but is still more than enough to ensure you absorb all the other ingredients in each capsule. 

Other Ingredients 

Ultraload Blister Capsules

All the above ingredients are mixed with Nuflow Rice concentrate and packed in a capsule made from Pullulan.

As such, there are no harmful filler ingredients; all you are getting is the stuff you need to enhance your sexual performance and boost the size of your loads. 

Does Ultraload Work? 

This may sound too good to be true, but as many reviews and happy customers can attest, Ultraload works for most men.

All of the ingredients in this supplement work as advertised to achieve three things. 

First, they boost your testosterone production, encouraging your body to produce more semen.

This knock-on effect increases your libido, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting in the mood. 

Finally, certain ingredients like L-citrulline help to increase the blood flow through your body, which along with the other two effects, will help you get an erection much faster. 

Not only will it not take long to achieve an erection, but it will be able to do so for much longer, helping you to please both yourself and your partner.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects To Using Ultraload?

While some of the ingredients in this supplement can have side effects, none of them are present in a high enough concentration to do so.

Ultraload is completely safe to use regularly, and you will need to take it every day for at least three months to see the best results from using this product. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the product, the company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee to ensure you can get a refund if it doesn’t work.


  • It contains high-quality ingredients that are proven to be effective. 
  • No reported or known side effects. 
  • 100-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Highly effective at increasing semen volume while making erections last much longer. 


  • Expensive but you get what you pay for. 
  • You need to take it every day for up to three months to get the best results.

How Does Ultraload Compare To Other Products On The Market? 

Ultraload stands out against the competition due to the highly potent and premium blend of ingredients. 

Most supplements use “standard” ingredients which means they are not as potent or effective. 

In addition, Ultraload contains Bioperine®, which has been proven to increase the absorption of other ingredients.

Also, most supplements contain unnecessary additives that are added during the manufacturing process. 

Ultraload is very clean and is blended with Nuflow® rice concentrate and nothing else. 

Even the Ultraload capsules are made from starch and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Ultraload Alternatives 

If you are looking for an alternative to Ultraload, then the supplements below are some of the best alternatives. 


Semenax is a popular supplement that you may have seen advertised online. The formula contains a blend of ingredients and has been proven to increase semen volume by up to 20%.  

All orders come with free USA shipping and a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Volume Pills 

Volume Pills are one of the original brands of semen enhancers. Selling online since 2001, the formula is unique and effective.  

A 67-day money-back guarantee also protects your order. 

Ultraload Review – Final Thoughts

Ultraload is a top-rated semen enhancer and one of the best on the market. 

If you are experiencing any performance issues in the bedroom, then it will be worth trying this supplement to see what it can do to help. 

Yes, it isn’t the cheapest solution, but it is worth the price for the mind-blowing sex you will have while taking it.

So why not try it and see what Ultraload can do for you and your partner when you’re getting freaky between the sheets?