How Do You Self-Test For Erectile Dysfunction?

Self-testing is one way that you can determine if you are suffering with erectile dysfunction due to either physical or psychological problems. 

How Do You Self-Test For Erectile Dysfunction?

Self-testing is a great way to offer men a bit of privacy when finding out their results, they do not need to feel embarrassed when testing themselves.

Even though this is not something to be embarrassed about, most men wouldn’t want anyone to know. 

There are several different types of self-test kits which have become really easy to use and can get quick results from.

However, these home tests will not conclude whether the male has problems psychologically, only physically. 

Different Types Of Tests

  • Penile Plethysmograph: this test can be carried out in the comfort of your own home where a device is used while the male is watching sexual content to view whether the problem is phycological or physical.

It will show whether he can get an erection or not but they will need to receive further information depending on the result. 

  • A Nocturnal Penile Tumescence: this method is performed at night while the male is sleeping using stamps for a stamp test.

This will detect movement and show whether the penis is getting erect in the night.

  • A Newer Type Of NPT: this linking to the method above, analyzes and evaluates the quality of the males erection in the night.

This is used over different nights to find patterns and sent to a lab.

Only Way To Get A Solid Answer 

If you do choose to see a urologist after self-testing, they are able to look at possible reasons you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction and find the source of the issue. 

They will focus on medical history, looking at blood and urine samples and doing a physical examination.

This should all come together to find the issue and they can always provide additional tests if inconclusive. 

Contributing Factors ED 

  • Obesity 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Smoking 
  • Diabetes 

Physiological Causes Of ED

Men can struggle with ED for many reasons but psychology has become more common in recent years.

If you are something who struggles with depression, stress and fatigue, these could all be contributing to having erectile dysfunction

With emotional and psychological reasons combined with physical observation, this could be something even worse that needs to be addressed. 

If you also struggle with a sleeping disorder this could also contribute. 

How Can You Find A Solution?

How Can You Find A Solution?

Asking questions is always really important because your urologist is there to answer these in full detail.

You need to ask about what risks you face and just be really open about medical and sexual history because they could also be factors that are contributing to the problem.

If the urologist doesn’t know all of the information, it will make it more difficult to fix. 

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of males all around the world but getting help is the most important part because home-testing is a good start to develop an idea of the problem but it could be quite in depth or could be something that needs to be looked at by a urologist for your own health and sexual experience.

Don’t let something like this shy away from sexual experiences because it is something that can be fixed. 


There are many options for home testing kits online that you can have delivered to your home or where you can collect them.

Erectile dysfunction is not something to shy away from because it is not under your control and it could be enhanced by something you had zero knowledge of. 

Therefore, if you have any symptoms or are struggling with getting an erection either see a urologist or use a home testing kit to get some peace of mind.

Also be weary of other factors that can increase your chances of erectile dysfunction such as obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

These are parts of a lifestyle that could increase your chances of suffering with erectile dysfunction.