Does Celery Increase Semen Volume?

Have you ever wondered about the best way to enhance your sex life? Perhaps you could spend more time on foreplay or bring toys into the bedroom… but nothing beats a powerful orgasm intensified by shooting a huge load. But is there an easy way to increase semen volume to achieve a stronger orgasm like this?

Celery is a vegetable packed with healthy vitamins and minerals and is widely reported to be good for heart health. 

You’ll find it growing by riversides and in the marshy ground since the moist soil contributes to celery’s high water content – hence why it’s such a popular choice to juice and include in smoothies. 

But as healthy as celery is, several myths and grandiose claims have caused its popularity to a spike in recent years – especially due to its purported benefits to sexual health. But with the range of claims found all over the internet, what’s real? 

While this simple, affordable vegetable is more than just a healthy snack, it’s not exactly the miracle cure some hope it is. 

Still, despite limited data on specific benefits, celery shows great promise if you want to increase semen volume and enhance your sex life.

Does Celery Increase Androsterone Levels?

Androsterone is a steroid hormone that gives men distinctive characteristics that set them apart, like body hair, but it also converts to testosterone. 

Although it naturally occurs in men and women, there are considerably higher levels in men, so much so that you can even find it dripping out in a sweat.

Since androsterone converts to testosterone, the more you have in your body, the higher your testosterone levels are. 

Since testosterone is central in semen production, if you’re looking to increase your sperm volume, maximizing your testosterone and androsterone levels are key.

There are countless claims online that celery can cause higher androsterone levels, leading to increased testosterone levels that give you a boosted libido and a higher semen load and sperm count. 

Studies looking into this have concluded there is, in fact, a great deal of androsterone in celery. 

However, there’s little evidence currently available that suggests eating celery or drinking its juice can necessarily increase your levels of androsterone or testosterone levels to the degree claimed.

Nevertheless, if you want to increase the levels of androsterone you put into your body, celery is a good place to start.

Potential Benefits: Myths vs. Facts

Everyone knows you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet or see on TV, including myths surrounding celery. 

While celery has various health benefits, some reported advantages need more data and evidence to show its effectiveness.

Here are three of the most common beliefs about celery and the truth behind them.


Celery will by no means make you immediately hyper-fertile, but it could help improve the overall health of your reproductive system.

Celery has high levels of vitamin C and phytonutrients and antioxidant compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. While antioxidants are particularly effective in reducing the risk of disease, they can also benefit male sexual health by improving sperm count and motility for higher fertility levels.

But do the antioxidants in celery boost fertility? According to an animal study conducted in 2014, celery may increase sperm count to boost male fertility. This makes celery a perfect medicinal herb to combat male infertility. However, more studies are still needed. 

Nevertheless, this is a positive sign that celery may be effective for those looking to start a family.


There’s no way that celery is sexy enough to replace champagne and chocolates, but it’s cheaper and more effective in boosting sex drive and attraction than your average aftershave.

Foods that boost libido and enhance your sexual desire are famously known as aphrodisiacs. While there’s not enough data to definitively state whether or not celery is an aphrodisiac, the data suggests a logical link between celery and desire – and it’s all down to its high content of androsterone.

As a hormone that converts to testosterone, androsterone is also a pheromone, a chemical hormone that works outside the body to increase sexual attraction. And since androsterone can ooze out of the body in sweat, it can be a powerful pheromone. 

Since celery contains such high levels of androsterone, this could logically make it count as an aphrodisiac. However, there are no studies or data to link conclusively. More research is needed, but celery still has the potential to increase libido – and at least it’s cheaper than oysters. 


Celery won’t replace Viagra or other prescription drugs any time soon – after all, it doesn’t have an immediate effect. Although more data is needed, it’s still strongly believed that celery can help improve various symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is often down to your blood flow. You need a healthy system and blood vessels to pump enough blood to engorge your penis and maintain an erection fully. 

Sadly, high blood pressure can be linked to erectile dysfunction, so anything that helps can boost erection strength.

Celery contains naturally occurring nitrates that promote good heart health, increase blood flow, and can even lower blood pressure. 

This won’t cure blood pressure problems or erectile dysfunction completely, but it can be a good snack to include in your diet before jumping straight to prescription drugs.

The Bottom Line: Does Celery Increase Semen Volume? 

Celery is more than just the latest health fad. It might need more evidence, but science shows it contains high levels of antioxidants, androsterone, and phytonutrients, all of which improve fertility, strengthen erections, and boost libido – but it may also increase semen volume to let you shoot bigger loads. 

If you want to revitalize your sex life, other methods exist, such as supplements. But celery is a healthy, cheap, and easy way to start the road to better sex. So, munch on a celery stick today and enjoy the benefits.