About Us

There’s not enough information out there about male medical topics such as urology, fertility, testosterone, and male enhancement. But where can you go for information when it’s not readily available online and it’s too embarrassing to talk to your doctor about? 

My name is Jamie Platt and I know all too well about the lack of knowledge out there for men’s medical topics. Five years ago I developed a few symptoms that were somewhat worrying to a 30-year-old like me. 

Suddenly I was needing to use the bathroom much more, I was sometimes losing control of my bladder, and I had an unexpected onset of ED. Call it a fragile ego, but I didn’t want to go parading around letting everyone know about these new issues. So I kept quiet and hoped that they’d go away on their own. 

After a few weeks of dealing with them privately, I had given up with asking Google for answers and getting nowhere. My girlfriend was picking up on the fact that something wasn’t right and thankfully convinced me to go get checked out. 

It wasn’t a pleasant doctor's appointment, but getting my diagnosis sooner rather than later is what allowed me to get lifesaving treatment before it was too late. 

Only after I was cleared of my prostate cancer did I realize that there is an absurdly low amount of information out there for men in my position. That’s why I have dedicated a part of my life to this website - to help men who were in my position and who are avoiding an awkward doctor's visit. 

I hope that you get some advice from my website and please don’t hold off on talking to a professional if you’re worried about something.