11 Ways That Water Can Improve Your Performance In The Bedroom

Hydration is definitely key in many areas of your life, for keeping healthy and energized.

11 Ways That Water Can Improve Your Performance In The Bedroom

This also correlates to your performance in the bedroom as you do need to be keeping track of how much water you are drinking daily to be fully hydrated and to enhance your performance, especially in the bedroom. 

It all comes down to your health and well-being, what you are eating and drinking that can take effect on your performance.

Sexual performace can be damaged by not intaking the correct food and water your body needs to be fit and healthy.

Sexual performance aspects definitely includes how you’re feeling and whether you’re in the mood and what you can deliver. 

We are here to find out why drinking water and keeping a good diet can affect your sexual performance postively.

Who knew that increasing your water in-take every day can really improve your performance, which is something most people will want to know about! 

Dehydration And How To Spot It

It is a fact that not everyone in the world drinks as much water as their body actually needs and how much they should.

It is very difficult to remember to drink water when there are so many other options available that may even taste nicer to you. 

It is approximately 8 cups a day that people should be drinking and if you aren’t then you may be having symptoms of: 

Mentally: mood swings/moody, stress and tiredness.

Physically: fatigue of muscles, very thirsty, cramp and dryer skin and lips. 

You can also suffer from smelly urine with a darker color because it is more concentrated.

Dehydration And Erectile Function

Dehydration can actually cause you to have erectile dysfunction because every part of your body needs a healthy flow of blood and especially blood and oxygen to the penis. 

Dehydration is a main cause of blood vessels restricting meaning less blood can pass through to the penis.

If less blood is passing to your penis then you will not be able to maintain your erection as well and your performance will not be at your best.

Having sex can be a tiresome performance as it is, so if you’re dehydrated, it can cause you to be moody and tired already which could cause you to avoid having sex altogether because you arent in the mood for it.  

Why Drink More Water?

Build Your Libido 

Your libido links to your desire to have sex and how aroused you are surrunding the topic. If your libido is down then so is your drive to have sex all together.

Therefore, it is very important to drink more water throughout the day because dehydration also causes your body to release stress hormones that can interfere with sexual hormones.

This can include testosterone that can lead to a low libido which no one in a sexual relationship wants. 

Maintain Erection

To be able to create an erection, you need a balance in your body functions. Everything needs to be working together, well.

If you are dehydrated, this is one way the balance can be disrupted and the erection might not be as long lived. 

You need a good blood flow to your penis to have a good erection, if you are dehydrated the blood vessels will restrict and there will be less flow. 

Blood Needs Pumping

It is not only the penis that dehydration can affect. If you are dehydrated it can affect your blood flow all over your body.

Moving back to erectile dysfunction, the level of a hormone called angiotensin will rise causing blood volume to drop that could potentially cause erectile dysfunction.

However, just simply drinking more water can avoid all of this and can also just make you feel better in yourself. 

Lubricating Muscles

Nobody wants to have to endure cramps and the least wanted moment!!

Having a cramp and having to resolve the problem while having sex can really stick a wedge in the mood and you might just have to stop depending on how bad your cramp is. 

It is all about recovery, and water is the best way to rejuvenate yourself.

By increasing more blood flow to your whole body your muscles will recover faster and you will be feeling much better. 

Breathing Is Key

Oxygen can actually lead to better orgasms, now that is amazing! 

As mentioned previously, the penis needs a good blood flow to enhance your performance to be harder, stronger and more reliable for better sessions.

Therefore, drinking more water allows the penis to get more nutrient-rich blood and you will be feeling up to the job! 

Keeping A Stable Flow

Keeping A Stable Flow

You need to keep all of your juices flowing and one way to do that is drinking more water.

Water has a bigger job than many people know for example, because semen is mainly water-based, the water helps to take the fluids to the prostate glands and reproductive systems.

Therefore, this system needs to be kept hydrated as water is the main element that keeps it all flowing! 

Be In The Mood

In particular, the link between men and dehydration can be tension, and anxiety.

It can even be linked to having an impaired memory if you do not drink enough water.

If it can affect how you’re mentally feeling then it also affects how you feel about having sex as well. 

Cleanse The System 

Having many trips for a pee is not always a bad thing, it can also be very healthy because it shows that you are well hydrated.

Moreover, you need to release any toxins from your body by using the bathroom. The more water you drink, the more you are able to release. 

However, if you are dehydrated, the toxins can potentially build up and affect your balance of health.

This can ulimately make you feel consious and less eager to participate in sex. 

Keeping Energy Levels High 

Water is a great source of energy for your body. Sex can be very tiring among the other activities you have done that day on top of it.

Therefore, you need extra sources of energy that are good for your body.

It can also help you overcome that fatigue factor and make you a bit more lively than when you’re dehydrated. 

Igniting Pheromones

Smelling good is definitely key when it comes to sexual experiences.

You don’t want your sweat smelling funky when you are trying to create the best atmosphere possible.

Therefore, when you are dehydrated, you are more likely to be more smelly as you begin to sweat which can make you feel very self-conscious. 

Increase your water in-take and increase your performance level and you will definitely have a better result.   

Off Putting Dryness

Kissing is a big part of the sexual attration and starting off the sexual experience for most people.

Therefore, you don’t want to be starting that experience with really cracked lips and a dry mouth.

Having a dry mouth can also make your breath smell a bit sour too! 

Therefore, you need to drink more water to make sure you are producing enough saliva and your lips aren’t dry! 


Overall, drinking water is very important in your day to day life just for your health and well-being. However, it does so much more than that.

Being hydrated will affect your performance in the bedroom positively in so many different ways from giving you an increased energy level, to more physical aspects like production of saliva and dry lips.

Drink more water and see the improvements happen before your eyes, you will be happier and healthier with a better sex life.