10 Common Urology Procedures

There are several reasons why both men and women choose to see a urologist. However, many choose not to or they don’t know why they should what they would be expecting.

10 Common Urology Procedures

Issues with your urine can cause external problems around the body and the signs aren’t only just in your urine. 

But what procedures do they actually undertake as specialists?

They perform many different procedures that help you to function normally or to even make your life easier, for example, creating a permanent birth control for a man to stop him from having children, or even then trying to reverse this procedure after a change of mind. 

This will be going over ten, very common procedures that might help you understand a bit more about what urologists do.

Even though you may not have heard about any of these procedures before, they directly affect urinal systems and also help reduce risk of cancer in certain areas.

These procedures can also be private and for a person’s own needs about their body. So, let’s take a look at the most common urology procedures today.


This procedure involves looking more closely at the bladder. The urologist will need to determine specifically the lining of the bladder and urethra.

The process may seem uncomfortable but is very necessary. 

A piece of equipment called the cystoscope is inserted into the urethra and is moved up to the bladder for inspection.

The camera and light at the end of the cystoscope will all the urologist determine whether you will need any treatment for bladder issues.

Even though this may sound like an uncomfortable procedure, it does not cause unbearable pain.  

Male Circumcision 

This procedure is something that might make you wince to think about but is a very common procedure around the world and in the US especially.

It involves removing the skin (foreskin) from the top of the penis so it is no longer covering it.

This procedure is usually carried out on newborn boys so they are young enough to not remember the procedure. 


This has become a very popular procedure for many men in the US because of personal choice mainly. This procedure acts as a permanent male contraceptive.

The sperm will be cut off and the vas deferens will be closed over. Therefore, sperm won’t be able to be carried from the testicles.

This is a popular procedure because it is short, taking up to 35 minutes which is really efficient for most people as they just want it done as soon and as fast as possible.  

Prostate Procedures

10 Common Urology Procedures

There are several procedures they can perform: 

Urolift: this focuses on prostate enlargement. They are able to treat either minimal or average prostate enlargement in-office.

Prostate biopsy: taking samples of tissue from the prostate in a lab. 

Transurethral needle ablation: when needing to shrink prostate tissue, the urologist will use radio frequencies to shrink the prostate.

Vasectomy Reversal 

If a male has changed his mind and he wants to have children again, there is always the option of this procedure.

However, there can never be a guarantee as it was made to be permanent. There are microsurgical options to fix the deferens.


This procedure is all about kidney stones, how to find them and treat them.

The equipment used is a ureteroscope, a long tube with a light and camera at the end will travel through the bladder and up to the ureter where the kidney stones can be found.

Smaller stones will be able to be removed or flow but the larger stones will have to be broken up and separated making them easier to remove. 


This is the procedure to fix the issue of having a testicle that has not fallen down or descended.

This can be a very simple and common produre whether the testical will have to be moved from the groin area, into the scrotum.

When that is complete the urologist will need to use a tacking stitch to attach it to the scrotum. Even Though this sounds like a daunting experience it is VERY common and also simple to fix.

Penile Implants And Prosthesis

Erectile dysfunction affects many men all around the world, but there are procedures now to help them through this struggle.

Implants or devices can be put inside of the penis to help them get an erection. However, there are other options that are recommended first such as ED treatments, but if they fail this is the next option. 

Penile Plication 

This particular procedure is to help men who suffer from curvature in the penis that is caused by Peyronie’s disease.

Permanent sutures are put on the sides of the scarring that has been causing the curvature.  


This is a more modern procedure using lasers and shockwaves to break down kidney stones to make it a less painful process.

They will break up the larger kidney stones that aren’t able to pass through as comfortably into smaller stones so they can then pass through the urinary system. 


Overall, this is a simple guide to help you become more educated on the different types of common procedures that a urologist will perform.

These are the most common, meaning that they affect the most people and could be something you’ve been worried about.

You might also be going in for one of these procedures and want to know beforehand exactly what is going to happen. Simple and short, this is a perfect way to learn. 

Even though these are the most common, you probably have not heard of them before which is also very common but these types of procedures can be essential to having a healthy urinary system and bladder.